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Philadelphia - The Hidden Gem


Philadelphia is a beautiful city in the Northeast which is packed with activities for kids!  While many of us had not spent very much time in the city before coming to Wharton, we have all found Philadelphia to be a wonderful place for our children.  The Wharton Kids Club strives to provide many weekly activities for the partners and children, but there are also many resources on this website about Philadelphia that we hope are useful!


A Little About Philadelphia and the University of Pennsylvania:

Founded in 1682 by William Penn, Philadelphia is one of the oldest major American cities.  Its role in the American Revolutionary War was integral, as "Philadelphia, from its centrical situation, the extent of its commerce, the number of its artificers, manufactures and other circumstances, [was considered] to be to the United States what the heart is to the human body in circulating the blood."  The city served as a temporary capital of the United States in the late 1790's and was the location of the signing of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. 


Geographically, the city sits between the Delaware and Schuylkill Rivers and is roughly 135 square miles in size.  Philly is a much more temperate climate than New England, but is filled with your typical Northeast patterns - hot, humid summers, mild tempered springs and falls (including BEAUTIFUL Autumn colors!), and cold winters.  Though much colder than more temperate cities such as San Francisco, Philadelphia is milder than other cities in the Northeast, averaging 25-39 degrees Fahrenheit  in January.


Philadelphia is the home of MANY firsts, including the first hospital in the United States, the first university (University of Pennsylvania), the first zoo, and of course, the first collegiate business school!


Some Fun Historical Facts!

1681 - The first parks or public enclosures laid out in North America for the pleasure and convenience of the people were dedicated at the settlement of Philadelphia, in the Northeastern, Southwestern and Centre Squares.

1698 - The first public school in the America Colonies was established at Philadelphia, and a corporation created, entitled "The Overseers of the Publick Schoole" founded.

1731 - The Library Company of Philadelphia, the first public institution of that kind in America, was founded in Philadelphia by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Hopkinson, Thomas Cadwalader and others. Philadelphia."

1732 - The Philadelphia Hospital, the oldest in America, was established in connection with the Philadelphia Almshouse.

1749 - First scientific institution in America, founded by Benjamin Franklin.

1777 - The United Stares flag on record, was made here on Arch Street, by Elizabeth Ross.

1789 - The first Congress of the United States met here in Congress Hall.

1790 - The Law School of the University of Pennsylvania, the oldest law school in America, was founded in 1790, with James Wilson of the United States Supreme Court, as professor of law.
Opening of the first Stock Exchange started in America.

1881 - Through a donation of Joseph Wharton The Wharton School is founded as the world's first collegiate business school.


Just A Few Attractions for Kids

Please Touch Museum - Memorial Hall, constructed to be the Art Gallery of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition and first home to the renowned Philadelphia Museum of Art, is the new home of Please Touch Museum, the nation's first museum for children ages seven and under. Please Touch is a hands-on "first museum experience" for kids, with child-friendly exhibits that are both educational and fun. The museum has embraced the challenge of creating a contemporary children's museum in a building that embodies the spirit of the Victorian age. The new museum offers 38,000 square feet of brand-new exhibits, the restored century-old Woodside Park Dentzel Carousel, on-site parking and a family-friendly restaurant.  A great activity through the cold winter months.


Taney Playground

A favorite among Wharton moms, there is usually a small to large group of Wharton Whiz Kids and their parents at the playground throughout the summer and fall, and a small group during the colder months.  A great place for new Wharton families to introduce themselves to the second years from July-September.  Please come meet us!

Music Class - Also a favorite among many Wharton moms, we have music class on Mondays.  Packed with favorite songs, such as "The Wheels On The Bus" and "You Are My Sunshine" as well as originals by our teacher, John, the class is well loved by many of our Wharton Whiz Kids!

For more attractions, please visit the Philly Attractions page.