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For The Active Mom


Philadelphia is a great place for the active mom and dad!  Not only does the city have Fairmont Park and the Schuylkill River Trail, but also has a wide variety of gyms, classes, and other activities.


Outdoor Exercise

Schuylkill River Trail

Opened in 2004, the paved trail extends from Center City (25th and Locust) to Valley Forge!  The trail is very well maintained and a variety of runners, strollers, cyclists, roller bladers, and walkers enjoy the outdoors throughout the year.  The trail runs along the Schuylkill River and is truly beautiful in the fall.  A great option for those who enjoy exercising outside.

Starts at 25th/Locust in Center City


Valley Forge National Park

The site of the camp of George Washington's Continental Army over the winter of 1777-1778, Valley Forge National Park is a great place for the entire family!  About 30 minutes drive from Center City in Philadelphia, the park is filled with wonderful walking/running trails in and around several historical exhibits.  The park is a great place to get hills in your workout as well as some historical knowledge in your brain. 

Valley Forge, PA


Fitness Clubs

Sweat Fitness

A convenient gym for many moms, Sweat Fitness has clubs near Fitler/Rittenhouse Square as well as other parts of the city.  The gym has the basics - lots of free weights and machines, plenty of assorted cardio equipment, and classes are available.

Pros:  Close to Rittenhouse Square/Fitler Square

Cons:  No child care; pricey





LA Fitness

Outside of the city on City Avenue, LA Fitness has opened a large gym with almost everything you need - weights, classes, pool.  In addition, child care is $10 for unlimited use per month.

Pros:  Child care; size; least expensive membership

Cons:  Distance from Center City




Philadelphia Sports Club

Pros:  Same club family as NYSC, BSC, and WSC; huge number of classes; child care available

Cons:  Child care expensive; more expensive membership; farther from Rittenhouse/Fitler than Sweat